Advantages and Disadvantages of Budget Flights

Published: 27th March 2011
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Low budget flights are preferred by most people as they are money saving opportunities especially for those working on very tight budgets when travelling. The low cost carriers are available in most of the routes and destinations making it possible to make your flight as enjoyable as possible giving you lasting memories. Budget flights have advantages and disadvantages.

The fares: One of the advantages travelers stand to gain is the low fares. The main aim of the flights is to get people on board as fast as it is possible allowing the plane to depart as soon as it is possible. This is the main attraction to the flights.

The seats: The budget flights give travelers the opportunity to choose desired seats in the plane but at an additional cost. This does not however mean that you are entitled to that particular seat that you have paid for since you could end up at another seat in case you get late to the airport.

Flexibility: Even though one gets to enjoy the low affordable fares offered by the budget flights, comfort during travel might be compromised as you are supposed to be as flexible as possible to fit with the times and dates that the flight is scheduled to leave. This therefore means that you cannot be at liberty to leave at the time you would have wished for but during the time that flight is bound to depart.

Refunds and Services: When considering getting on budget flights, it is important to note that you might miss most services that you would expect when on board. Whereas most other commercial flights offer very good services in terms of entertainment and meals, budget flights might offer the same but at a price. Tickets are also most likely to be non refundable when using the budget flights compared to other kinds of flights.

Luggage: While there was a time when only budget airlines would charge for the traveler luggage, nowadays even other big airlines also charge for the luggage and you will have nothing to lose on this part when you travel using budget airlines. They may however be restricted to certain airports becoming an inconvenience for most people.

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